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B T H Home and Gardens

01283 224998 or 0797 789 3158

Raised Patio

Carefully planed gardens add real value to your property.

About my photos.

Some are taken before we start this is to demonstrate the dramatic difference we can make.

Some taken during the work this can help you to understand how much preparation goes into creating a perfect garden, that will be a joy for many years.

Some are of the finished garden. All waste and surplus materials are removed, leaving the garden ready to be enjoyed.  

This area had been home to sheds and some old decking.

I was asked to design and build a raised patio.

The old red brick retaining walls had been eroded over the years. I replaced them with stronger engineering brick. I chose a dark colour that would contrast well with the paving stones.

I looked at laying paving stones in different patterns and discussed the options with my customer. We agreed that this design was the most pleasing.

Once again the cost of the finished project was the same as my original quote.

I wonder what garden furniture they will buy?

Bryan T Hirst

The right hand end of the work area.

The right hand end of the finished patio.  Paving stones are Bradstone old riven.  The colour is Autumn gold.

Looking along the area. Here the small raised wall is partially built.

Looking along the patio. Showing the 3 separate areas we created by laying the paving inside borders.  

This is the central part where the circular feature will be installed.

This is the central part with the circular feature installed.

Bradstone’s old riven circular paving kit.  Colour Autumn Gold. All joints are hand pointed with mortar.

Looking back towards the house. This area was once home to 2 sheds and some decking.

The photos are taken while the paving is wet. This sheen can be preserved by applying lacquer.

I call this style of laying paving stones Bonded.

To make the patio longer we built walls below. Here we used blue engineering bricks.

A new step was added and the old block paving was lifted and re-laid.