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New Turf or Mowing contact me for a price

I can install your new turf or maintain existing lawns.

Here is a selection of new lawns I have created. Click images to enlarge them.

Traditional lawn

A new lawn is laid out after the soil is carefully prepared and levelled.

The ground is dug over and stones removed prior to levelling. Once I’m happy with the preparations, laying the turf is straight forward.

Circular lawn with mowing strip

A circular lawn was created as part of the overall design. The new lawn is bordered with block paving stones to act as a mowing strip.

Meadow Mat (Speciality turf)

In this garden we were asked to create a Meadow! My first thought was to grow a meadow from seed. After researching garden meadows I discovered a product called Meadow Mat.

Meadow Mat is a specially grown turf. It contains around 35 verities of wild grasses and flowers.  

Artificial Grass (Astro Turf)

In this garden we were asked to lay artificial turf. The mats were purchased in advance by our customer. We were asked to prepare the area and lay the mats. First we applied weed killer to control some deep rooted weeds such as Dock and Dandelion.

Then the hard-core was compacted and the retaining edges were installed. Next sharp sand was spread out level with a length of strong timber, before being compacted and levelled again.

The mats are then carried into position and glued together with a special tape and adhesive. Once all the mats are down and trimmed the outer edges are pinned and weighted down with kiln dry sand.