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Answers for some frequently asked questions

Installation costs

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Installation costs

How much do you charge?

A simple question with a complicated answer.

Every project I work on is unique. Hence a price can only be calculated after the free site survey, scale drawing and material lists are done. Once i commit this price to a Quote i guarantee it will not change, “so long as you don’t alter the design too much”.

There is mention ( in a Build Base brochure ) of how much you can expect to pay for labour. They say expect 85% of the total cost to be labour charges. I aim to keep the charge below 50%.

An example of a medium sized garden makeover.

So if you would like to know the total cost for your garden, get in touch.

I will provide a free no obligation quote and scale drawing.


Improving clay soil.

My garden has very poor clay soil. How can you help me?

I have found that by digging in washed grit sand and cheap bagged potting compost, mixed in at 50/50. I can dramatically improve the worst clay soils in a matter of minuets.

Clay soil holds many plant nutrients so improve what you have, don’t be tempted to have it removed.



Weed control.

I can’t afford new paving. How can it be improved?

For weedy drives and paving the most reliable way to keep the weeds away is with regular maintenance. Some people jet wash but this can damage the surface of your paving and wash away the jointing compound. See Paving care for a less aggressive method.



New turf care.

How should I care for my new lawn?

Once your new turf is down, it is important to keep it watered, (especially on sunny days). For the first day or so you can lift a corner of the turf, to see if the water you applied has soaked through, (avoid lifting the same corner). Once it becomes difficult to lift, (due to root growth), the watering can be reduced.

Do not mow new turf until it can’t be lifted. The first mow should be done with the blades set as high as possible as the grass will be very long by now. Gradually lower the blades over 2 or 3 mows.



Paving care.

How can i keep my patio clean?

Sweeping paving slabs with a stiff brush, (once a week) will help to keep algae and moss away. To keep your new patio looking good for many years it can be cleaned with soapy water. Sweeping it around with your stiff brush should be all it takes, rinse with clean water and you're done.



Decking care

Do i need to treat my new decking?

All boards sold as decking will have been treated by the manufacturer. Although this will help to prevent rot and insect attack, it will often fail to stop the boards becoming slippery. Applying a good quality decking treatment will help.



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Materials,delivery and disposal
Labour and over heads
Total cost upon completion