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Landscaping South Derbyshire’s and East Staffordshire’s Gardens

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Could I put your garden in this frame?
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This is a selection of photographs taken in the gardens I have designed and created.

Click the images to expand.

About my photos.

Some are taken before we start this is to demonstrate the dramatic difference we can make.

Some taken during the work this can help you to understand how much preparation goes into creating a perfect garden, that will be a joy for many years.

Some are of the finished garden. All waste and surplus materials are removed, leaving the garden ready to be enjoyed.

B T H Home and Gardens

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Carefully planed gardens add real value to your property. Making the right choices is vital.

All the gardens in my gallery’s were created to the owners needs.

I will listen to your ideas and take inspiration from them. Something i like to know is how you will spend your time in the garden. It could be you have very little time, and would like a garden you can enjoy without too much maintenance. You may enjoy a garden full of plants to look after.

Some of the work i do is on a much smaller scale.  I mow lawns, cut hedges and maintain several gardens.

Whatever you would like, I can provide the right garden service for you.

Bryan T Hirst

Bradstone old riven Raised Patio Slate and Hardwood seat

My next project

Slate and Hardwood bench

Raised Patio

Bradstone Old Riven Patio

Meadow Mat Makeover

Raised Decking

Patio and Turf

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